What Happens During A Female Orgasm?

There are a good number of women who usually experience reaching orgasm. However, we must appreciate the fact that a sizeable portion of the women population is blessed to enjoy good sex, and ultimately, orgasm! Described as the climax of sexual excitement, orgasm is usually characterized by feelings of intense pleasure concentrated in the genitals. It is almost impossible to describe how an orgasm feels like fully. In any case, different individuals have varying experiences – regarding intensity, the duration, as well as the frequency.

Today, we dig deeper into a woman’s experience during orgasm. What happens when she climaxes? A better way to look at this is to consider the various phases or stages of sexual activity referred to as the sexual response cycle generated by two sex therapists, Masters and Johnson. The sexual response cycle is divided into four stages. Since we are talking about female orgasm here, we will only focus on a woman’s experience.

The Excitement Phase

The excitement stage starts within ten to thirty seconds of sexual stimulation. Depending on the parties involved, the phase may last somewhere between several minutes to even hours. The vagina experiences natural lubrication followed by expansion and lengthening. The outer and inner lips of the vagina, the clitoris, and the breasts (although not always) begin to swell.

The Plateau Phase

The sexual excitement that takes place in the first phase continues in the plateau stage. If someone were to examine the vaginal lips at this point, he or she would tell you that the puffiness increases. Blood flow to the tissues in the vaginal walls improves significantly, causing it to swell, and in turn, causing the opening to become narrower. The inner labia changes color from pink to bright red or bright red to deep purple for women who have never given birth, and those who have respectively.

The Orgasmic phase

The third stage is the shortest – yet the most exciting – and the climax of the sexual response cycle. A woman experiences sporadic and rhythmic contractions of the anus, the uterus, and the vagina which lasts from about ten to sixty seconds. Note that the number and frequency of orgasms (during a sexual encounter) usually differ from one person to another. Also, it is imperative that women can enjoy multiple orgasms without the need for a refractory period after each one of them – like is usually the case with men. At the time of orgasm, some women would die for as much stimulation as possible that goes hand in hand with the contractions. The moment a woman orgasms her brain releases a chemical known as oxytocin. It is the reason some women love to cuddle after the act.

The rest phase

When the orgasms and the act are over, the contractions will stop, her uterus will go back to its initial position, and the clitoris will return to its shell. Slowly, her heart rate and flow of blood will normalize.

You cannot explain what happens during orgasm without paying attention to the female anatomy and the entire process of sex.

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