How Does Phytoestrogen In Soy Boost libido?

Sexual Trauma:

Continued stress is a reason of the change in hormonal level being responsible for the reduction of your libido frequency. Again, if you have sexual trauma or any experience of sheer sexual dissatisfaction, that might hurt you in the rest of your life. Sexual trauma can happen due to sexual abuse or sexual assault done at the earlier life. This type of event can make your suffer throughout the life unless you opt for treating it. Sometimes, such trauma can turn into being Post Traumatic Stress Disorder meaning that you are in a vicious cycle with all of these drawbacks.

Eventually, you can’t concentrate solely on sexing. After all, you neither get full satisfaction nor satisfy your partner under most circumstances because of this. Sexual trauma can take place in adulthood period of life. Sexual tortures, perverted attempts while sexing, and application of non-scientific techniques can increase the likelihood of causing this indisposition to appear.

Sex and Soy

Soya can benefit the sexual life of a female in need of a boost. It is usually called soy bean and is a species of legume that is native to East Asia which is known for its numerous health benefits. When it comes to improving sex drive or libido, soy bean plays the role of oestrogen which is a female sex hormone. However, this hormone in when gotten from plant is called phytoestrogen which is the plant source of oestrogen. When it is introduced into the body, it corrects oestrogen deficiencies that may be causing low libido for a woman.

Can phytoestrogen from soy do the work of oestrogen?

Phtytoestrogen can do the work of oestrogen in a woman. Oestrogen is a female sex hormone that is produced by the ovaries. Low quantity of this or complete absence of it can result in tiredness, moodiness in a woman which can lead to decreased libido. This hormone is very important in maintaining female traits like vaginal health, triglyceride regulation, and skin health, speeding up of the metabolism and most importantly promoting and increasing libido in a woman.

How it works?

Research from experts claims that when a healthy dose of soy is added to a woman’s daily calorie requirement, that an increase in female libido is noticed. Women who find it hard to be aroused can benefit from the phytoestrogen that soy offers.

Other benefits of phytoestrogen

It can help treat cancer of the breast and ovaries. A study in 2009 showed a significant decrease of death in women who had cancer but engaged in soy consumption. It also improves heart health and to treat arteriosclerosis. It can help women who are going through menopause and relieve hot flashes. Genistein which is a component of phytoestrogen can regulate obesity and enhance weight loss.


There are many studies that are suggesting that soy has a negative effect on woman libido and therefore should be avoided. The key here is moderation. There is, however, no doubt that it has amazing benefit for women particularly when it comes to their sexual health and libido.

Answers To Common Questions About Female Libido Supplements

Have you ever wondered why the female libido seems to increase as they age? The answer may not be far from the fact that most women have resorted to the use of supplements as their sex hormones decrease, especially after reaching menopause. Here are answers to some common libido supplements questions;

Why should women take libido supplements?

The main reason why female libido supplements are recommended for women as they age is that they probably can’t get enough of libido enhancing ingredients from their diets.  One of the reasons why women witness sudden downtown in their libido is that their body is not getting sufficient Vitamins, Minerals, and amino acids, likewise, their busy lifestyles add up the stress and anxiety levels in their bodies, making them to lose interest gradually in sexual pleasures.

There are long lists of aphrodisiac foods with nutrients that can enhance female libido, and such aphrodisiac foods have been known to enhance sexual feelings in women especially in those witnessing sexual dysfunction or female impotence. With libido supplements, it only takes few minutes to restore the female libido. Exercises, diets and psychological enhancements alone cannot cure impotence or lack of sexual desires in women, but supplements can rapidly increase the secretion of testosterones in women – these are sex hormones that increase sexual pleasures instantly.

Are female libido supplements effective?

Depending on the type of female libido supplements you choose, you will achieve different results with different products. There are original libido supplements with natural ingredients such as Fenugreek, Ginseng, Gingko balboa, Valerian root, goatweed and other sexual stimulating herbs, and there are imitations that contain synthetic versions of these herbs. Some female libido supplements contain the essential amino acid- L- Arginine, which increases the secretion of sex hormones and increase sexual pleasures within few minutes of taking a safe dose.

It is important that you choose a libido enhancement supplement that has been approved by the FDA or any other regulated health institution in order to avoid any common side effects. Taking the prescribe dose will also help prevent development of side effects such as stomach cramps, nausea, and migraine. It should be noted that not all women who are facing libido problems need female libido supplements, some women may only need to treat some underlying psychological or medical conditions to restore their sexual desires to normal.

Where can I get an original female libido supplement?

To get the best female libido supplements, you need to check first the approved supplements that are safe and recommended. Do not rely on over-the-counter (OTC) supplements, because many of them are imitations and not original. Do not rely on online reviews, rather you should ask from physicians and sex therapists who can differentiate between original supplements from fake. Make sure you treat any underlying medical conditions before starting out on female libido supplements.

Licensed Pharmaceutical stores can also provide a guide on the use of such supplements. If you notice some serious side effects when using libido supplements, then you must stop using it immediately.

Steps To Prevent Low Female Libido

Most of the people face the problem of sexual dysfunction once in their life. Research conducted by American Medical Association tells that about 50%of female population in US lacks in libido.

Beside America millions of women from rest of the world suffer from lack of libido. However the good thing about low female libido is a temporary problem. With proper steps the problem of libido can be solved.

Reasons why women across the globe come across the problem of libido:

Physiological and psychological factors are responsible for the problem of libido in women. Low female libido arises when a proper balance between the factors like hormones, emotions and psychology of a woman in not properly maintained.

Factors such as stress, ageing, family disturbances, hormonal changes at the time of menopause and fatigue cause low sexual desire in women. Onset of menopause leads to dryness in the vaginal areas. As sex becomes painful at this point of time, desire for sex decreases because it irritates and frustrate women.

During pregnancy and after the childbirth too low female libido is quite common. Though sex has never been considered harmful during pregnancy, still many women prefer abstinence from sex. This is because, women at time of pregnancy tends to become cautious towards the baby. Abstinence for sex lowers the sexual desire.

The problem of libido spoils marital relationships. However with proper treatment and counseling the problem of female libido can be cured completely. With proper steps and care women can regain their normal sexual behavior.

Here are some steps to prevent low female libido in women

Use of libido enhancers:

Using supplements to increase female libido is rising day by day among women. This step is gaining popularity because the problem can be solved without independently, without a need of a doctor. These supplements will help you out in getting orgasms that you must have desired for.

Libido enhancers are available in form of pills, patches creams and lotions. These libido enhancers are good to regain sexual urges.

Talking openly with your partner:

Women feel embarrassed to talk openly about the problem of libido. This thing should be avoided. Talking freely about your sexual desire with your partner can regain your desire for sex. Feel free to express your needs and expectations to your partner. Share enough time with your partner, so that you can feel for each other.

Healthy discussion with your partner will definitely bring a change in your desire, thus igniting the fire of love. Try to learn about different positions of sex, so that the desire for sex does not diminish.

Leading a stress free healthy life:

Stress is one of main reasons that results in low female libido. So try to slow down stress by following a healthy lifestyle. Take a well balanced diet and keep body fit with regular exercises. This will boost the libido automatically.

Include your diet with nuts, figs, chilly peppers, chocolates, oysters and celery. This will keep your desire for sex. Check out popular herbs like ginsengs, ginko biloba and avena sativa, these are some of the well known female libido boosters.