Benefits Of Green Tea And The Libido in Women

According to an article appearing on ABC NEWS in April 2010, a young woman aged 30 was surprised that she did not have sexual desire – yet she was so much in love. She was greatly distressed because she was about to get married soon, and therefore worried that her low libido would cause much tension in her marriage. Among the factors blamed on low sex drive include stress and depression, bad relationships, and selected prescription drugs. In many instances, antidepressants and birth controls are usually the major culprits.

There are numerous ways of handling a sexual disorder. Green tea, for instance, is said to be highly beneficial when it comes to resolving libido issues in women. Here, we seek to understand how it works to alleviate a person’s sex drive.

In the ancient times, people swore by the health properties associated with green tea. For the longest time possible, it has been used by different communities and tribes as a powerful medicine against different diseases.

Green tea contains approximately 500 elements such as fluorine, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, about 450 organic compounds such as lipids and proteins, and nearly every vitamin known by human beings. With all this knowledge, we should not be surprised when we learn the very useful nature of green tea. Let us look at one of the major components of green tea components that come in handy, as far as raising female libido is concerned.


Caffeine is responsible for bringing out that surge of real strength and vigour. Present in green tea, this type of caffeine is not in its purest form. The one in green tea is known as theine, and it is known to enhance both mental and physical activity. Theine works much better and in a softer manner compared to the pure caffeine.

A report by BBC News revealed that a group of Southwestern University’s researchers discovered that consumption of caffeine goes a long way in heightening a woman’s sexual desire. Fay. Guarraci, a doctor, was the lead author of the research study. In her reports, doctor Guarraci said that green tea has the potential to stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling feelings linked to sexual arousal.

According to experts, the sexual benefits reaped from green tea begin to happen with the first cup that a person drinks. It, therefore, means that subsequent cups gradually increase its effectiveness in the body. Nevertheless, you should not drink too much of this amazing tea in one instance. It is always advisable to begin one with a small amount, and then increase the intake gradually. Additionally, do not take green tea if you have not consulted your doctor to determine if it is safe for you.   Individuals suffering from disorders of the central nervous system, cardiovascular problems, and low intestinal problems should not take green tea – it is not safe for them to consume caffeinated drinks. Also, since it is linked to insomnia, avoid taking it at night.

How To Increase My Wife’s Sex Drive

So, you have realised that your dear wife is not sexually excited nowadays, as she has always been. It is okay for you and her to be concerned particularly because good sex is a critical element if marriage is to last as it was intended. On the same note, there is no cause to go overboard with worry as something can always be done. Keep reading to gain an understanding of a few practical things you can do to revive your wife’s sex drive.

Find out if she is stressed or fatigued

The number one culprit for low sex drive in women is stress or depression. Today, the modern woman is overwhelmed with the things she needs to get done. Besides taking care of her family (husband, children and some members of the extended family), the modern woman is career oriented.

These women hold high and demanding positions in the corporate world. They also need to constantly improve their knowledge through conferences, while some choose to pursue further education to up their game in what they do. With so many things on her plate, it is impossible for her not to be stressed up – and some of them do not even realise it. Fatigue also creeps in, but they are too busy to realise.

Her sex drive will suffer significantly if she is dealing with both stress and fatigue on a daily basis. If you suspect that she is struggling with pressures from all the aspects of her life, find a way to help. Some great men help their wives with house chores (whenever they can) or even assist with taking care of the children. Also, consider taking her in an environment away from work or housework, every once in a while and just allow her to relax.

The modern woman tends to think that she is strong enough to handle or juggle between all her responsibilities, and still maintain a normal life – which is practically impossible. She must burn out at some point, and this will destabilise several areas of her life, including her sex drive. Help her to strike a balance in her life, and in due time, her sex drive will go back to normal.

Unresolved trauma

A lot of bad things happen in this life, and unfortunately, a good share of them are not within our control. For instance, consider a situation where you have lost a loved one, or your house was broken into, and your family members, including your wife, had the worst experience of their life – such as rape. Clearly, there is nothing you would have done to prevent such circumstances. An incident of this nature may leave your wife traumatised, which if not resolved in time, may affect her sex drive. If such a thing or another traumatising incident has happened, consider seeking the help of a professional.

High cholesterol

What has your wife been eating – even in your absence? When was the last time she had her cholesterol levels checked? An article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered a correlation between high levels of cholesterol and problems with sexual arousal and orgasm. Doctor Stephanie Buehler, a sex therapist and psychologist in Irvine, California, says that this is attributed to the fact that cholesterol may pile up on the arterial walls of the body, inclusive of the pelvic area.

According to experts, restriction of the flow of blood to the pelvic area may result in reduced sensation in the genitals – which ultimately leads to low sex drive. Also, achieving orgasms may prove difficult, and in turn, make sex frustrating for her. Encourage her to determine her cholesterol levels (via doctor’s visit), and also, to feed on cholesterol- friendly foods.

Foods To Increase Libido In Women

Just like men, women also experience low libido – every once in a while, or at some point in their lives. It could be due to specific medications, such as antidepressants, poor diet, stress or depression, hormonal imbalance, or an underlying health condition. There are numerous ways of enhancing female libido ranging from counselling, libido drugs, and diet among many others. Today, we concentrate on readily available foods that you can rely on to boost your libido.


I have never met a woman who dislikes chocolates. There is a reason why he brings you a card alongside a box of chocolate. Typically, this well-known aphrodisiac is in every sense of symbol of romance. Well, there is usually more than meets the eye. Chocolate contains magnesium which, when eaten, makes you feel very relaxed. You must already have recognised that you are in your best moods for sex when you are stress –free. Pay attention to dark chocolate because they have a unique benefit. They are said to release phenylethylamine; a compound said to release the same endorphins that are triggered by sexual arousal – making them your best bet.


Rich in magnesium, spinach works by reducing inflammation of the blood vessels, and consequently, improving the flow of blood. Due to the increased blood flow, you are assured that blood gets to the extreme parts of the body – including the female genitalia. In turn, you experience little or no difficult to become sexually aroused, and most importantly, sex becomes more pleasurable, according to Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., a sex expert, and psychotherapist. Include spinach in your meals daily, and soon enough, you will experience the most natural orgasms. Spinach is also good for your man as erections will happen easily and more naturally.

Red wine

Cheers to a good reason for stocking your empty wine bar, or fridge with your favorite brand of wine – your libido! A study published in the journal of sexual medicine found out that women who poured themselves a glass or two of wine had increased sexual desire, compared to the ones who did not. Do not get it twisted, though; taking more than two glasses does not cause even a higher libido boost. In that case, you might as well stop as soon as you are done with the second glass. The wine has an antioxidant property that stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which is known to relax the arterial walls. In turn, more blood flows to the genital region causing heightened arousal and sexual pleasure.

Green tea

How about ditching your usual night time tea, and instead take green tea? Popular among women whose sole intention is to lose belly fat, green tea is apparently, an incredible aphrodisiac. It contains elements known as Catechins that elevate sexual desire by increasing blood circulation to the sexual organ. These compounds accomplish this in two ways:

  • Catechins destroy all the free radicals that hurt the blood vessels, and consequently, improving their blood transporting capacity
  • Catechins facilitate production of nitric oxide in the blood which expands the blood vessels, and in turn, allowing them to carry more blood to the nether regions.


Red meat from grass-fed animals is a rich source of zinc – a nutrient that is also present in oysters (known for its libido enhancing properties). Besides increasing testosterone, zinc counters the production of a sex-impairing hormone known as prolactin.

How To Increase A Woman’s Libido

Normally, one would expect that only older women experience low libido – at some point in their lives. It, therefore, comes as a surprise when a young woman realizes that her libido is decreasing. Often, even when there is an underlying problem, she will attribute her decreased libido on fatigue arising from her tight schedules at work and other things that she needs to take care of. Apparently, while fatigue is one of the common causes, numerous other factors lead to decreased libido. This article explains ways of increasing a woman’s libido with respect to the various causes.

They include:

Re-evaluate your diet

Your body requires sufficient amount of different nutrients to perform optimally. All the body organs, including the entire reproductive system, are highly dependent on the nutrients present in the foods that you eat. To optimize the functionality of the sexual organ, consider eating libido-friendly foods such as oysters, pine nuts, and chocolates among many others.

Physical exercise

Even if you are not on a weight loss plan, routine physical exercises are something worth your consideration. For starters, each time you exercise, your body releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins – we all know that we can only be sexually excited when we are in the good moods. Secondly, exercises promote increased blood flow to the reproductive system, and other interconnected areas. Exercises are a good way of increasing your sexual urge tremendously.


As mentioned earlier, proper diet is a critical element of your sexual performance. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for you to obtain all the nutrients from the foods you eat, and this is where supplements come in handy. They provide an incredible way of filling your dietary gap. You may want to consider taking supplements such as folic acid, magnesium, zinc, iron, and herbs like Tribulus terrestrial and maca. However, ensure that you are taking the right quantities of these supplements. Some, such as iron are bad for your body (result in constipation and stomach upsets) if intake exceeds 20000 milligrams per day, while 60,000 milligrams is life threatening.

Libido-enhancing medication

For the longest time, drug companies have been trying to create a drug capable of firing up the libido of a woman. According to WebMD, it is quite unfortunate that the FDA has not approved many drugs with this capacity. In 2015, the FDA approved the first libido enhancing drug known as Adiyi. However, Bat Sheva Marcus, Ph.D., the clinical director of New York’s Medical Center for Female Sexuality, argues that women should not expect to find a one size fits all type of medication. Nevertheless, there are effective drugs for low libido.

Stress or depression management

Depression and stress might be the cause of your libido problems. WebMD recommends the use of prescribed antidepressants for the treatment of low sex drive in women who are yet to go through menopause. Some antidepressants may also cause low libido. Thankfully, such instances are correctable using yet another suitable antidepressant.

Hormonal imbalance treatment

Some women experience declined testosterone, and other androgens as they age – hormones that play crucial roles in the sexual function of women, in the same way, they do in men. A woman struggling with this decrease is perhaps just about to undergo menopause, currently undergoing it, or is in a post-menopausal phase. In other instances, a woman may have undergone surgery to remove her ovaries. In such cases, medical practitioners recommend the use of the most appropriate testosterone treatment.




Can Certain Herbs Decrease The Female Libido?

Besides a proper diet, physical exercises, testosterone treatments and libido enhancing drugs, herbs offer yet another useful way of increasing the female libido. However, it has been said that some herbs do the opposite, that is, they cause decreased libido in women. The effects of these herbs emanate from their ability to suppress female libido. Women, therefore, need to be aware of these herbs to be able to keep such occurrences at bay.

Here, we consider some of the herbs known for their capacity to decrease a woman’s libido. Although the list is long, we will consider just a few, but readily available libido-decreasing herbs. They include:


A perennial flowering plant that blossoms during summer, Valerian is native to Europe and some parts of Asia and is now present in North America. Some people use the dried roots of this plant to make tea which helps to decrease the heart rate. It is normally used in calming the nervous system if someone is experiencing pain, and also helps people suffering from insomnia. Valerian is also used as an effective treatment for the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Unfortunately, women who have used valerian plant claim to have experienced decreased sex drive while using it. However, there lack sufficient scientific findings in support of this claim.

Chaste tree berries

Boiling chaste berries, also known as vitex, offers an anaphrodisiac tea. However, the most common application of these berries is to minimize premenstrual symptoms and also for increasing the flow of milk of a nursing mother. Some people usually crush the berries of chaste tree and consume them to get rid of weakness and limb pains.


A plant, marjoram is popularly recognized for the magic it delivers in cooking as a spice – in the Mexican dishes. However, in the Greek mythology, marjoram enjoys a fascinating place. Apparently, this plant was used by Aphrodite (the goddess of love) – explaining why it has always been used in the manufacture of various love potions.

The flowers, leaves, and oil of marjoram are used to make medicine. For instance, tea made from the flowers or leaves is good for treating runny nose, as well as colds in toddlers and infants, swollen nose, and throat, coughs, as well as pain in the ear. Individuals suffering from digestion problems such as intestinal gas, stomach cramps, and poor appetite, can rely on the healing power of marjoram tea. It is also used to alleviate menopause symptoms and mood swings during menstruation. Breastfeeding mothers may use it to increase the flow of milk.

The medicinal value of marjoram extends to the treatment of sleep problems, headaches, diabetes, sprains, muscle spasms, back pain, as well as bruises. You may also utilize it as a tonic for both the heart and nerve, besides ensuring enhanced circulation.

With all these benefits, marjoram has its shortcomings. A good number of women who have used it, say that they experienced decreased libido when they were using it.

The above three herbs are not the only ones that lead to low female libido. Others include Rehmannia glutinisa and privet (originates from China), and numerous others.

How To Increase Female Libido Using Herbs

Herbs have been in use since the past decades. Men who lived during the ancient times used various herbs to improve their sexual health. Some even used them to enlarge their male members. Today, women can make use of herbs to increase female libido. Decreased sex drive in women has been blamed on many things including menopause, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise.

Besides looking for ways to relieve stress, eating a proper diet and incorporating regular exercises in their lifestyle, a woman with low libido may consider using the right herbs. Keep reading to find out how a woman can increase her libido with the help of herbs.

Establish the cause of your low libido

Different women face sex drive problems due to varying reasons. It could be stress, hormonal imbalance, and general fatigue, among many other things. The first step towards the restoration of female libido is to find out the cause. For this to be accomplished, one must look back into their past, and determine where the rain started beating her. A journey down the memory lane is critical in helping you identify the reason behind your low libido. Generate a list of all of them.

Find out which herbs can help solve your problem

The next step entails familiarising yourself with the various herbs in the market, as well as their benefits. With this kind of knowledge, you will know the kind of herbs, or pills to go for to resolve your problem. While it might be impossible to find a female enhancement pill brand that contains all the herbs you want, there are chances you will find one with almost all the herbs you have identified.

There are many counterfeits in the marketplace. As such, you must exercise utmost caution, engage your due diligence and conduct a thorough research to make sure that only the best and most effective pill is sourced.  Consider factors such as price, the reputation of the manufacturer/seller, as well as the nature of reviews and testimonials that the product enjoys. You will find extensive information on the Internet. Just don’t be in a rush to buy the very first pill that you see on the screen of your computer.

Take the herbs as instructed

The journey of female enhancement can only be rewarding if you are willing to give it your best. Take the pills as recommended without missing a dose. Remember not to overdo it – an overdose could be unhealthy. Take them for as long as is necessary, and without a doubt, you will eventually experience a positive change as far as your libido is concerned.

Different herbs deliver varying outcomes. For instance, Maca root solves hormonal imbalance. On the other hand, dark chocolate helps to someone to relax, improves mood and the body’s ability to respond to stimulation. Muira Puama works by surging a person’s sexual desire and intensified orgasms.  Tribulus terrestrial is known to stimulate the brain’s androgen receptors which increase the body’s responsiveness to the sex hormones. These are some of the herbs that you may want to include on your list – depending on the causes of your low sex drive.

Libido Enhancers For Women – 6 Ingredients To Boost Sex Drive

The modern woman has a lot to deal with. From work to family, her social life, and many other societal roles, the fact that she must deal with low libido at some point in her life is inevitable. With all the things she has to deal with, it is not unusual for her to feel worn down – both physically and psychologically. Unfortunately, for many women, decreased sexual drive also comes with age.

Compared to that of men, the process of enhancing women libido is a more complex one. The difficulty is blamed on the fact that women’s bodies operate quite differently. For instance, the emotional well-being of a woman plays a significant role in her libido levels, together with other physical elements. It is imperative to consider treating both the psychological and physical issues affecting a woman to enhance her libido successfully.

Here, we discuss some of the top ingredients useful in restoring female libido.

  1. Hops extract: Hops extract has been in use since time immemorial. It is a popular remedy for insomnia for individuals who have difficulties enjoyed undisturbed sleep. Surprisingly, many people are not aware of its powerful properties that relieve vaginal dryness. Hops extract is a natural vagina lubricant which facilitates more pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experiences.
  1. Ginkgo Biloba: To many people, ginkgo is a remedy for enhancing mental ability. However, Chinese practitioners have utilised this magical herb for many centuries to help improve women’s sexual health. It increases circulation of blood and also assists women to regain their ability to reach orgasm easily. It is an incredible ingredient for women suffering from menopausal symptoms. Ginkgo also helps in the eradication of free radicals that accelerates aging as well as decreased body energy levels.
  1. Niacinamide: A vasodilator, Niacin is widely used to enhance circulation of blood in the body. Research studies also suggest that it helps in the production of sex hormones such as testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen.
  1. Epimedium Sagittatum: Apart from its ability to relieve menopausal symptoms, epimedium sagittatum is an effective herb for increasing female sexual drive. It operates by increasing the level of nitric oxide in a woman’s body, helping in the relaxation of the smooth muscles to promote increased blood volumes towards the genital areas.
  1. Cayenne: Cayenne is known for its heating effect which raises the volume of blood flowing throughout the body and into the female genitals. It significantly helps in boosting the health of the sexual organs as well as tissues while relieving vaginal dryness, which is one of the reasons women get bored with sex because they hurt, rather than enjoy.
  1. L-Dopa: It is found in Mucuna Prureins. L-dopa has an excellent reputation for causing drastic improvement of a woman’s sexual functioning. It also works by increasing lean muscles, promoting ovulation as well as the treatment of depression. As such, women struggling with reproductive conditions such as PCOS can rely on this chemical to increase their chances of conception.

Fish Oil And The Role It Plays On Libido

Poor sexual techniques and sexual performance issues:

Due to applying improper sexual techniques anybody can run short of libido irrespective of how much one tries to boost it. Continued sexual performance issues can result in a permanent relationship failure. If you don’t have adequate sexual attitude towards your partner and expose issues with your sexual performance on a continuous basis, you may get an ultimate rejection from your partner.

No matter how lowered sexual performance you are satisfied with, your partner will expect you to have it above average. Accurate techniques can help you even overcome physical limitations and satisfy your partner. Women, who have performance issues with sexing should contact an expert physician to identify shortcomings as easily as possible. A free and fair conversation about practiced sex-techniques is important helping the physician detect problems quickly. It may be nothing except changing a habit or doing a little stuff; so, none needs to worry about communicating experts as soon as issues are seen.

Fish Oil:

Fish Oil which are best gotten from deep sea fishes like mackerel and salmon are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, fish oil is synonymous with omega 3. It is an essential oil that builds good hormones in both men and women of all ages. This great oil enhances circulatory function which improves sensation that is needed for sexual arousal.

More on omega 3

Due to the ability of Omega 3 fatty acids to raise dopamine levels in the human brain which triggers arousal, it, therefore helps the body attain sexual response. Omega 3 which is contained in fish oil has two nutrients; EPA and DHA that help people with heart disease, fat storage and many other things. These things can affect one’s libido when present and so it is good to know that fish oil can improve libido.

With this EPA and DHA, the certain chemicals that the brain needs to function properly and distribute blood. Without these nutrients depression and stress can set in. however, this is where omega 3 comes in to help the brain.

How does omega 3 in fish oil boost libido?

Wondering how omega 3 from fish oil can improve sex drive? Wonder no more. Omega 3 fatty acid has the ability to balance the hormones and also ensuring that the body has adequate supply of hormones especially those associated with sex. Another thing it does is that it helps the brain supply blood to the genitals and this is one thing that is needed for people that wants to have a healthy sex drive. Omega 3 also helps the brain produce the feel-good chemical that helps in putting one in the mood to have sex.

It was also discovered that ladies who may have lost their drive for sex can rev it once again just by simply taking a dose of fish oil. Another reason to take fish oil is that the omegas fatty acid it contains helps one to last longer in sex and to reach optimal orgasmic pleasure.

How can one eat fish oil?

You can always get your omega 3 fatty acid from fish oils like mackerel and salmon. There are also fish oil capsules that can be gotten from pharmacies which can help you revive a boring sexual life.

Wild Salmon – The Wonder Aphrodisiac

Physical constraints or limitations:

A number of people experience sexual dissatisfaction and run out of libido because of physical constraints and/or limitations. It sounds unfortunate for anyone to hear, but sometimes individuals have to continue listening to their own physical limitations. Sexual performance has always been considered as a result of applying physical conditions as well as limitations. If you are free from any sexual limitation you might make use of your total strength to avail sexual pleasures. If you have slight or more limitations you are to look for quick remedy. Most sexual problems are curable though some may take time to be recovered.

However, if you unnecessarily blame your physical conditions for unpleasant sexual intercourses you might require contacting a recognized physician or a psychiatrist. Some women suspect their body conditions or size of the genital to be responsible for unpleasant sexing instead of finding proper reasons. They must meet an expert to resolve these issues instead of self-doctoring. Placebo can be a good treatment to cure such patients who have sufficient doubt about non-existed problems. However, some females guess the right and find out their physical limitations very soon with the help of physician and go for getting treated as well.

Wild Salmon

Wild salmon contains is rich in omega 3 fatty acid which has positive effects on the organs that are involved in sexual arousal. Apart from the heart benefits of omega 3, the nutrient found in omega 3 increases dopamine level in the brain. Dopamine helps the brain to increase blood flow and circulation to the vital parts especially the sex organs in the body. This is what triggers arousal. It also does a wonderful work of making you feel relaxed and connected to your partner before sex.

Wild salmon does wonders for the brain in times of sex

Wild salmon and other cold water fishes like the anchovies, trout, herring and sardines boosts sexual stamina. The omega 3 fights off depression through the brain and releases the feel good hormones (serotonin) that can be an added boost. Wild salmon are regarded as aphrodisiacs. It was recently discovered that wild salmon is an excellent source of protein and this is why it boosts stamina for a lasting sexual experience. Another reason wild salmons are regarded as aphrodisiac is because they live to reproduce. The can be referred to as fertility in humans and fertility and libido go well together. The tiny orange colored pearls of the sea that salmon eggs are referred to as has been revered to be among the world’s greatest aphrodisiacs.

Vitamins contained in wild salmon that increases sex drive

The libido feeds on good nutrients like vitamin A, B, D and C and the wild salmon contains in high doses these vitamins. The fatty acids in omega 3 are the building blocks of female sexual hormones. They help to wade off the accumulation of plaque in the arteries which in turn ensure that sensation in the sexual organs is increased.

Any other way to get fish oil other than eating wild salmon?

If you are not a fan of fish and cannot stand eating it, but you still want to get the benefits it offers, then you will have to it in supplement form. Taking 1,000 milligrams (or 1 gram) daily of fish oil supplements can replace the need for you to eat fish in order to get the omega 3 from it.  The fish oil supplement has the omega-3 fatty acids for example – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) which does your sex life a world of good.

Alcohol And Sex – A Perfect Combination

Shame about sexual interaction;

Somebody may take it lightly, but, having shame while talking about sexual context is a major cause of continuing with low libido. When someone experiences sexual drawbacks it is wise to share it with the partner. Failure to do this may result in dissatisfaction while a little change in sexing methods can resolve issues. If you, like many people don’t dare to tell your partner about the truth, he may become disappointed with you and can be frustrated if the problem exists longer than expectations. Again, apart from sharing problems with partner you can freely talk about how to find more pleasures and how to extend the power of sexing during the intercourse.

As soon as you start talking about sexual interactions you will be more courageous to make use of your libido and increase when chances are available. It’s not a shame at all, however, building this habit can make your partner happy and both of you can get acquainted with the fastest result. In numerous cases sexual dissatisfaction continues due to having shame. Concealing personal shortcomings apart from physical limitations can also provide the similar result.

Alcohol and Sex:

It is widely known that alcohol can increase libido when taken in the right proportion. However, drinking too much of this drink at once can have the exact adverse effect. Alcohol is great in getting people in the mood for sex. It can bring out the emotional side of people and help them open up on things that are weighing them down.

In the British Scientific Journal Nature of 1994, studies revealed that the intake of alcohol increased libido levels in females. By raising the testosterone level which is a sex hormone increases in women when they take alcohol. It can in a matter of seconds change a reluctant lady who beforehand was apprehensive about sex to a lady eager and ready for sex. All traces of shyness and holdbacks one may have against sex are set aside by the magic of alcoholic drink.

Some alcoholic drinks that boosts libido:


This is very good in enhancing sexual urge. Two types of liquor: Benedictine and Chartreuse (the green variety especially) has been known to improve libido. Another type of liqueur, Crema de Damiana, which is produced in Guadalajara Mexico, is said to be made from an aphrodisiac (sexual arousal) plant known as Turnera diffusa. It is that it increases libido or sexual drive. Liqueur contains high level of alcohol and so a little and not much should be taken to bring out its positive sexual effect.


Some beers like the Irish brewer, Murphy, contain extracts of oyster and can therefore be a good source of libido enhancing drink.

Although beer is not known to have high level of alcohol in a bottle, however, three or more bottles can get one intoxicated. If you are in a club and you are ready to hit the sheets later at night, taking some bottles of beer can remove all inhibitions from you and get your testosterone hormone in top gear. In taking more than two bottles to get ‘high’ it should be noted that too much of everything is bad. That been said, drinking too much can get you visiting the rest room more often. This can easily piss off your new date who you have been trying so hard to impress. You don’t want to look like you are a drunkard, so know the amount of beer your system can carry and stick to it.