Let’s Talk About Orgasms: 5 Fascinating Orgasm Facts

Often described as a powerful and the most pleasurable release of sexual tension, orgasm is undoubtedly the epitome of sexual pleasure for men and women. It is not unusual for people to talk about sex, yet, most of them hardly discuss orgasm. So, in this post, we consider five fascinating facts about orgasm. Here we go:

Orgasm can relieve pain

When having a headache, the last thing a woman thinks of doing is engaging in sex. However, maybe it should be the first thing on your to-do list. According to Lisa Stern, a nurse practitioner who works with LA’s Planned Parenthood, orgasm has the potential to relieve all types of pain including pain during childbirth, after surgery as well as pain from arthritis. During orgasm, the body releases a chemical known as oxytocin that promotes relaxation and a myriad of other emotional states.

Some women do not reach orgasm

Don’t worry if you have been having difficulties reaching orgasm – you are not alone. According to statistics from Planned Parenthood, approximately one in every three women has problems obtaining orgasm during sex. Perhaps this is the most interesting part; up to 80 percent of women have difficulty climaxing from vaginal sex alone. The female sexual dysfunction that includes challenges attaining orgasm is a common occurrence. Thankfully, the majority of FSD causes are reversible, and women are usually advised to see a doctor as soon as possible – particularly to eliminate suspicions of the presence of medical conditions such as depression, thyroid disease, or diabetes.

Sexual self-esteem and quality of orgasm

I bet you are hearing about this for the first time, but it is something of importance. Apparently, how you perceive your vagina dictates the quality of your orgasms. There is no definition of the perfect appearance of a vagina, and we must appreciate the fact that everyone is created uniquely. On the same note, as long as your vagina does not produce an abnormal discharge, it is free of sores, and you usually enjoy painless sex, there is no reason for your insecurity. Always think positively about your vagina, and it will surprise you how much doing so can impact the quality of your orgasms moving forward.

Women take longer to orgasm

As a woman, do not worry if you take longer than your man to reach climax – it is perfectly normal. A huge percentage of women take on average 20 minutes of sexual activity for them to orgasm. If your guy is always climaxing before you do, the both of you should collaboratively determine ways of slowing down. If it is a case of premature ejaculation, make a point of seeking the necessary treatment.

It gets better with age

Ask any woman to narrate her very first experiences with sex. One of the things she will admit is; her first experiences were pathetic, and she was always left wondering why people love sex. It is because they did not climax until a little later in life. Orgasm becomes better with age, and this may be attributed to a woman’s experience in matters sex over time. Besides, with the progression of time, a woman becomes more in tune with her body as well as more confident. With an improved body image and self-awareness, it is impossible for a woman not to enjoy incredible sex.

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