Kegels: The Secret to Better Sex

One of the characteristics of a healthy intimate relationship is incredible sex. In its absence, the chances of a relationship going down the drain increase with each passing day. As a result, it is imperative that each partner in a relationship play their part to keep their sexual experiences as exciting as possible. Sexual dysfunction is one of the challenges that couples have to deal with at some point in their relationships (although it is not necessarily a must). It comes in the form of difficulties obtaining orgasm, low sex drive, and problems with arousal among numerous others.

Today we look at one way of improving your sexual experience – Kegels.

These are easy clench and unclench exercises done for the purpose of strengthening the pelvic floor. The pelvis is simply the area between your hips. It is the part of the body that holds together your reproductive organs. On the other hand, the pelvic floor is a set of muscles and tissues that make up the sling/hammock and is found at the bottom of your pelvis. It is the slings that are responsible for keeping your sexual organs in place. You need a strong pelvic floor to have control over your bowels and bladder – and apparently, to enhance your sexual experiences. One of the advantages of Kegel exercises is that you can do them at anytime and anyplace. You do not any form of privacy – you can even do them while queuing at the bank or supermarket.

Where did Kegels come from? It originated from Dr. Arnold during the mid-1900s. He developed it to help who were suffering from urinary incontinence. When the patients went back to his practice for follow-up visits, they revealed that the Kegels had done more than its intended role. The female patients were excited to report that their vaginas had become more sensitive during sex. This revelation explains why we are here today speaking about the ability of Kegels to improve your sex life.

So how does it work? For starters, you must appreciate the fact that the PC muscles that are strengthened by Kegels are part of the muscles that usually contract when you climax. As a result, finding a way of toning these muscles goes a long way in improving the respective sensations and in turn, making it easier for you to orgasm. As already mentioned above, strong pelvic muscles also translate to a tighter vagina. In turn, you and your partner will be in a position to experience intensified sexual pleasure during those escapades. You just have to Google the different vagina tightening products and then analyze their demand, for you to appreciate how important a tight vagina is to ensure good sex.

One just has to learn how to do the Kegels, and then perform them on a daily basis. Try and start small and then increase the frequency. It might be a little difficult at the beginning, but when you eventually get used to performing the kegel, it becomes a norm. Whatever happens, do not give up. When you begin to realize results, you will have yourself to thank.

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