How To Increase My Wife’s Sex Drive

So, you have realised that your dear wife is not sexually excited nowadays, as she has always been. It is okay for you and her to be concerned particularly because good sex is a critical element if marriage is to last as it was intended. On the same note, there is no cause to go overboard with worry as something can always be done. Keep reading to gain an understanding of a few practical things you can do to revive your wife’s sex drive.

Find out if she is stressed or fatigued

The number one culprit for low sex drive in women is stress or depression. Today, the modern woman is overwhelmed with the things she needs to get done. Besides taking care of her family (husband, children and some members of the extended family), the modern woman is career oriented.

These women hold high and demanding positions in the corporate world. They also need to constantly improve their knowledge through conferences, while some choose to pursue further education to up their game in what they do. With so many things on her plate, it is impossible for her not to be stressed up – and some of them do not even realise it. Fatigue also creeps in, but they are too busy to realise.

Her sex drive will suffer significantly if she is dealing with both stress and fatigue on a daily basis. If you suspect that she is struggling with pressures from all the aspects of her life, find a way to help. Some great men help their wives with house chores (whenever they can) or even assist with taking care of the children. Also, consider taking her in an environment away from work or housework, every once in a while and just allow her to relax.

The modern woman tends to think that she is strong enough to handle or juggle between all her responsibilities, and still maintain a normal life – which is practically impossible. She must burn out at some point, and this will destabilise several areas of her life, including her sex drive. Help her to strike a balance in her life, and in due time, her sex drive will go back to normal.

Unresolved trauma

A lot of bad things happen in this life, and unfortunately, a good share of them are not within our control. For instance, consider a situation where you have lost a loved one, or your house was broken into, and your family members, including your wife, had the worst experience of their life – such as rape. Clearly, there is nothing you would have done to prevent such circumstances. An incident of this nature may leave your wife traumatised, which if not resolved in time, may affect her sex drive. If such a thing or another traumatising incident has happened, consider seeking the help of a professional.

High cholesterol

What has your wife been eating – even in your absence? When was the last time she had her cholesterol levels checked? An article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine discovered a correlation between high levels of cholesterol and problems with sexual arousal and orgasm. Doctor Stephanie Buehler, a sex therapist and psychologist in Irvine, California, says that this is attributed to the fact that cholesterol may pile up on the arterial walls of the body, inclusive of the pelvic area.

According to experts, restriction of the flow of blood to the pelvic area may result in reduced sensation in the genitals – which ultimately leads to low sex drive. Also, achieving orgasms may prove difficult, and in turn, make sex frustrating for her. Encourage her to determine her cholesterol levels (via doctor’s visit), and also, to feed on cholesterol- friendly foods.

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