Foods To Increase Libido In Women

Just like men, women also experience low libido – every once in a while, or at some point in their lives. It could be due to specific medications, such as antidepressants, poor diet, stress or depression, hormonal imbalance, or an underlying health condition. There are numerous ways of enhancing female libido ranging from counselling, libido drugs, and diet among many others. Today, we concentrate on readily available foods that you can rely on to boost your libido.


I have never met a woman who dislikes chocolates. There is a reason why he brings you a card alongside a box of chocolate. Typically, this well-known aphrodisiac is in every sense of symbol of romance. Well, there is usually more than meets the eye. Chocolate contains magnesium which, when eaten, makes you feel very relaxed. You must already have recognised that you are in your best moods for sex when you are stress –free. Pay attention to dark chocolate because they have a unique benefit. They are said to release phenylethylamine; a compound said to release the same endorphins that are triggered by sexual arousal – making them your best bet.


Rich in magnesium, spinach works by reducing inflammation of the blood vessels, and consequently, improving the flow of blood. Due to the increased blood flow, you are assured that blood gets to the extreme parts of the body – including the female genitalia. In turn, you experience little or no difficult to become sexually aroused, and most importantly, sex becomes more pleasurable, according to Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., a sex expert, and psychotherapist. Include spinach in your meals daily, and soon enough, you will experience the most natural orgasms. Spinach is also good for your man as erections will happen easily and more naturally.

Red wine

Cheers to a good reason for stocking your empty wine bar, or fridge with your favorite brand of wine – your libido! A study published in the journal of sexual medicine found out that women who poured themselves a glass or two of wine had increased sexual desire, compared to the ones who did not. Do not get it twisted, though; taking more than two glasses does not cause even a higher libido boost. In that case, you might as well stop as soon as you are done with the second glass. The wine has an antioxidant property that stimulates the production of nitric oxide in the blood, which is known to relax the arterial walls. In turn, more blood flows to the genital region causing heightened arousal and sexual pleasure.

Green tea

How about ditching your usual night time tea, and instead take green tea? Popular among women whose sole intention is to lose belly fat, green tea is apparently, an incredible aphrodisiac. It contains elements known as Catechins that elevate sexual desire by increasing blood circulation to the sexual organ. These compounds accomplish this in two ways:

  • Catechins destroy all the free radicals that hurt the blood vessels, and consequently, improving their blood transporting capacity
  • Catechins facilitate production of nitric oxide in the blood which expands the blood vessels, and in turn, allowing them to carry more blood to the nether regions.


Red meat from grass-fed animals is a rich source of zinc – a nutrient that is also present in oysters (known for its libido enhancing properties). Besides increasing testosterone, zinc counters the production of a sex-impairing hormone known as prolactin.

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