Finding Your Lost Libido

Have you always enjoyed great sex with your husband or partner – since you guys met – but you cannot say the same anymore? Do you just do it with him to get him off your case? I know this is a sad situation, but you can rest assured that yours is not a hopeless case. Low sex drive is a common problem among women, and the problem may only worsen if you do not find a solution in good time. For you to determine the way forward, it is imperative that you establish the cause. This post is designed for helping you understand the various causes of decreased sex drive in women. From here, you can then decide the way forward.

Causes of low libido in women

Health problems

If you have an existing medical condition, it could be the reason for your low sex drive. The emotional and physical strain associated with such conditions or the side effects of their particular medications can cause low libido. Such conditions include cancer, heart disease, diabetes and an underactive thyroid. Some major surgeries such as the ones involving the removal of womb or ovaries may result in lost libido. If you have a health condition, or currently undergoing treatment, you may want to speak to your specialist or general practitioner – especially if you believe that it is the reason for your lost sex drive. He or she will assist you to establish the way forward, as far as reviving your libido is concerned.

Alcohol and drugs

Many women underestimate the impact of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs on their sex drive. If you have been consuming a little more booze than usual, you need to take it slow. Cigarette smoking and other recreational drugs also have the potential to hurt your sex drive. Limit your alcohol intake to a maximum of 14 alcohol units per week. Women dealing with drug addiction problems, and at the same time struggling with lost libido should consider seeking help as soon as possible as drugs can also influence a person desire to engage in sex.

Contraception and medication

Birth control pills and other hormonal contraception methods can have a negative effect on your sex drive. Walk down the memory lane and determine whether this could be the reason for your lost libido – depending on when you started using your preferred method of contraception. Drugs for conditions such as hypertension, depression and those meant for treating seizures also affects your sex drive. Antipsychotics are also known to lower a woman’s sex drive. If you suspect any of this, present your concern to your general practitioner. He may offer a better alternative.

Pregnancy and everything that comes with it

If you are currently pregnant, look no further for something to blame on your lost libido. Childbirth and breastfeeding may also lead to lost libido. The changes in the levels of hormone, exhaustion (a baby in the picture means more responsibilities), the changes in your body (that links to body image), and changed priorities (the need to give more attention to the newcomer), are some of the causes of low libido or the lack of it during and after pregnancy. While these issues are bound to improve over time, speak to your doctor if your libido does go back to normal.

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