Benefits Of Green Tea And The Libido in Women

According to an article appearing on ABC NEWS in April 2010, a young woman aged 30 was surprised that she did not have sexual desire – yet she was so much in love. She was greatly distressed because she was about to get married soon, and therefore worried that her low libido would cause much tension in her marriage. Among the factors blamed on low sex drive include stress and depression, bad relationships, and selected prescription drugs. In many instances, antidepressants and birth controls are usually the major culprits.

There are numerous ways of handling a sexual disorder. Green tea, for instance, is said to be highly beneficial when it comes to resolving libido issues in women. Here, we seek to understand how it works to alleviate a person’s sex drive.

In the ancient times, people swore by the health properties associated with green tea. For the longest time possible, it has been used by different communities and tribes as a powerful medicine against different diseases.

Green tea contains approximately 500 elements such as fluorine, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous, about 450 organic compounds such as lipids and proteins, and nearly every vitamin known by human beings. With all this knowledge, we should not be surprised when we learn the very useful nature of green tea. Let us look at one of the major components of green tea components that come in handy, as far as raising female libido is concerned.


Caffeine is responsible for bringing out that surge of real strength and vigour. Present in green tea, this type of caffeine is not in its purest form. The one in green tea is known as theine, and it is known to enhance both mental and physical activity. Theine works much better and in a softer manner compared to the pure caffeine.

A report by BBC News revealed that a group of Southwestern University’s researchers discovered that consumption of caffeine goes a long way in heightening a woman’s sexual desire. Fay. Guarraci, a doctor, was the lead author of the research study. In her reports, doctor Guarraci said that green tea has the potential to stimulate the part of the brain that is responsible for controlling feelings linked to sexual arousal.

According to experts, the sexual benefits reaped from green tea begin to happen with the first cup that a person drinks. It, therefore, means that subsequent cups gradually increase its effectiveness in the body. Nevertheless, you should not drink too much of this amazing tea in one instance. It is always advisable to begin one with a small amount, and then increase the intake gradually. Additionally, do not take green tea if you have not consulted your doctor to determine if it is safe for you.   Individuals suffering from disorders of the central nervous system, cardiovascular problems, and low intestinal problems should not take green tea – it is not safe for them to consume caffeinated drinks. Also, since it is linked to insomnia, avoid taking it at night.

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