5 Sneaky Things That Might Be Killing Your Sex Drive

For as long as you can recall, your sex life has always been nothing short of amazing. Your partner has never complained about your performance in the bedroom or your interest in sex. However, things have not been the same lately. Your normal appetite for sex is declining, and sometimes you dismiss his sexual advances towards you. You are not easily aroused as before – sexually.

Just what could be happening? Let us take a deep look into your life and perhaps establish five sneaky things that could be giving your sex drive a dip.

Relationship problems

Have you and your partner been going through difficulties in the recent past?  Unlike men, women are emotional beings. As such, when they are emotionally stable, one of the things that suffer is their sex drive. Relationship problems may range from dealing with a cheating spouse (infidelity), poor communications as far as sexual needs are concerned, and when a woman does not trust her partner. Either of these challenges has the potential to kill a woman’s sex drive. If this has been the case with you, it is imperative that you initiate a healing process or any other practical solution to help you get back your sex drive.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Did you just confirm your pregnancy, or have you recently given birth? Pregnancy and breastfeeding are known to cause robust changes in your hormones and the same can significantly impact your sex drive. To this, add the numerous body changes, fatigue and the responsibilities associated with parenting. In such an instance, it is normal for sex to automatically (unconsciously) appear at the bottom of the list of things you need to do. It just happens without you realizing. You only get to notice when your partner points it out to you. If you are currently going through these changes, read and consult widely to help you understand how well to approach the whole scenario so that your sex life does not suffer.


Menopause is yet another phase in a woman’s life that impacts her sex drive. The estrogen levels of a woman are expected to drop during menopause and consequently leading to the vaginal dryness that causes painful sex. No one enjoys painful sex, and as such, you would expect a woman going through this to shun or turn down any sexual advances from her partner. While not all women will experience a decreased sex drive when they hit menopause, we cannot entirely dismiss the possibility of its occurrence.

Low self-esteem

Never underestimate the role that self-esteem plays in a woman’s life. A woman with high levels of self-esteem can conquer the world – and this includes the bedroom too. She scores highly in almost everything she puts her mind and hands into including business, career, academics, as well as family and other relationships. On the other hand, a woman with low self-esteem hates herself and everything about her life – and her sex life is not spared. Poor body image is one of the leading causes of low self-esteem. If a woman stops feeling sexy, her sex drive suffers tremendously.

Are you in this situation currently? Stand before your mirror and look at the person facing you. What is it that you do not like about the person staring back at you? Is it the way you dress? Does it have anything to do with your body weight? Is it the level of your intelligence? Believe me; you can work on these things. Consider getting a makeover – even if it means engaging a fashion designer and body image consultant. Hit the gym and shed off excess weight. Start eating a healthy diet. Pursue that college diploma you have been dreaming off all your life! Invest in books and magazines that promote personal development. Before you know it; you will have become the woman you have always admired.

Examine your medicine cabinet

If you have been on medication such as oral birth controls, blood pressure drugs or antidepressants, right there is your culprit. Determine their side effects, and if decreased sex drive is one of them, speak to your doctor at your earliest convenience. He or she may propose another option.

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